Day Two: Break Through Resistance and Write!

Here are today’s handouts to accompany the video:

Template for a three-part outline – remember this is a loose outline to just organize your thoughts while you are learning consistency.

Word Chunking Action Plan to determine how much writing you need to do to reach your writing goals easily. Clarity is your friend when facing resistance.

Answer these questions after you watch the video:

  • Who do you have to become to be consistent as a writer?
  • What habits do you have to change or embody to get your writing done?
  • What might you have to give up or change temporarily to be the kind of person to hit your goal?

Creating a timeline to understand what your word count is daily or weekly will allow your brain to naturally begin to reach this goal.

We are all given the gift of choice and we can make new choices anytime we wish to achieve a goal and create the life of our dreams.

Remember: There is no getting around it. If you’re waiting for inspiration in order to write you’ll never get it done. However, when you sit down daily to write, you will learn that the muse will find you because she knows where to find you!

Stay tuned for Day Three!