I had a total blast! This is just what I need on this path of self-discovery, healing and inspiration. I started writing consistently and almost everything shared during the interviews resonated with me. Thank you for your passion and joyful expression.


So many great things from your interviews! One that really helped me is to hear Amber talk about how creating space for creativity into your life doesn’t have to be rigid. THANK YOU! You interview so well. I’m on the edge of my seat for more.


Your interviews were so spot on. I finally feel inspired to write and finish my book. This series was one of my favorite writing series. Thank you!


Thanks for putting together this series! I feel encouraged. I got something from just about everyone. Your way of conducting the interviews was fun, helpful, and on point.


A heartfelt huge “Thank You” for this series and all of your hard work making it happen. You are an amazing interviewer and what a cast of speakers!


Dawn, you have created a series that I can’t stand to miss a minute of. Thank you for the timely distraction and inspiration. In the words of Sage Cohen, I am ready to bring myself to the moment…every moment!… with intention!