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Hi, I’m Dawn Montefusco, MFA, Transformational Writing Coach and I believe passionately that if you feel a call to write then you are made to be a writer. Just as an acorn has everything it needs to become an oak tree, with the right environment and guidance you can become an unstoppable writer. You risk your wellbeing and happiness by keeping your gifts trapped inside of you, and you risk holding back the impact you can make in the world.

Please join me for this wonderful and life changing writing series. Not only will you get to hear expert writers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs and best selling authors talk about the healing power of words and their secrets to staying inspired during these strange times of isolation and change. Each expert offers a free gift and  I also give you a writing prompt each day for ten days to keep you writing and having fun while building your motivation!

My background as a writer, teacher and transformational life coach has helped me hone my expertise to give the best support possible and I offer free writing series’ as a way to give the world the inspiration it needs to use writing and creativity as a way to heal, empower and thrive. I have a BA in writing from New York University and an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University. I am also a certified Transformational Solutions Focused Life Coach from Erickson College. I’ve been coaching for over 14 years, teaching for over 30 years, and writing for 44 years. It’s been an amazing journey!

My signature international online program, “Create Your Dream Book” has inspired women around the world to write from their hearts, ignite their muse and honor their soul’s calling as a writer. I am  the author of, “Write Your True Story: Unleash Your Creativity, Share Your Message and Inspire the World”, and a collection of award winning poems called, “Stay With Me.”


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