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You're One Short Book Away From Your Dreams.

Dawn Montefusco, MFA, Transformational Writing Coach

This 30-Day transformational writing course shows you how to be an author with one short book.

It gives you confidence, clarity and focus to start, finish and publish.

Do you have a book idea you've always wanted to write?

Do you procrastinate or find yourself facing resistance?

Wouldn't you LOVE to finally have your book out into the world?

It's time to write your one short book and make it a bestseller.

Being a writer in the 21st century is the best time time write! You can easily attract an audience, open up new opportunities and feel like you're finally living into the real you!

Short books have become extremely popular. They've been in existence since books were invented, but for some reason we forget about all the best selling short books. Not anymore!

Now short books are become best sellers and the market is endless. 

I bet you’ve got a book you've been thinking about writing, one that you've been trying to start and finish and for some reason you just can't get it done. You're in resistance and don't know why.

Perhaps you want to reinvigorate your passion for writing and create a consistent writing habit.

Maybe you've always wanted to live the life of a writer, but you've been convinced that it has to be a long laborious process.

This calling to write just won't leave you alone. You know that if you could just write your book your life will change. You would feel a sense of accomplishment and relief. You would feel complete.

Imagine the joy and sense of fulfillment you would have if you just finished that one book, published it and brought your story out to the world.

But here's the problem: when you sit down to write you get stuck, or you get scared, or distracted, or procrastinate.

Maybe you get overwhelmed trying to do it on your own, and you just wish you could find a way to have it flow out of you easily.

Sometimes you just wish someone would help you structure your book, teach you storytelling skills and support you step by step.

Or maybe you're afraid you will never have the time to write and you start thinking about whether it's worth your time and second guess yourself.

All in all you feel crappy because you're not writing and you don't know why. There was a time in your life when you loved the thought of writing and you'd give anything to feel a sense of freedom and joy while writing and being creative.

This 30 day step-by-step course is a blast and I'm here to guide you.

Hi I’m Dawn Montefusco and I believe passionately that if someone feels a call to write a book then the book has to be written, and it doesn't have to be long to be powerful.

It can be a memoir, a novel, a book of poetry, a book of essays, or a story you are yearning to tell. When you feel the urge to write you MUST do what it takes to make it happen. You risk your wellbeing and happiness by keeping your gifts trapped inside of you, and you risk holding back the impact you can make in the world.

There was a time not too long ago that I resisted the call to write and my entire spirit felt like it was dying inside. On the outside my life looked okay, great in fact, but on the inside things were meh. I realized I had lost my zest when I was not writing. The less I wrote, the worse I felt.

I took a chance in 2004 and I created a writing group in my home and my life changed. Once I committed to writing regularly for the joy of writing all kinds of things improved. My health improved, my business took off, and I found the relationship of my dreams. My internal world changed dramatically when I knew I was living into my purpose and it was reflected in the outer world. Now I help people all over the world step into their writing life and finish their writing projects from books to blogs. They not only feel better, they are making a difference too.

But these people didn't do it alone. They got the guidance, inspiration and support to help them write their books with ease and joy. 

My 30- Day One Short Book Course is a transformational journey that changes lives. 

I help people all over the world get back their writing dreams and share their gifts.

My background as a writer, teacher and transformational life coach has helped me hone my expertise to give you the best support possible in this one-of-a-kind program. I have a BA in writing from New York University and an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University. I am also a certified Transformational Solutions Focused Life Coach from Erickson College. I’ve been coaching for over 11 years, teaching for over 29 years, and writing for 44 years. It’s been an amazing journey!

You get graduate level support in learning about storytelling and how to craft your book while also having the guidance of a transformational life coach to break through emotional resistance

Please join me and we can get started.

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Live The Life of Your Dreams As A Writer With One Short Book!

Course Objectives

  • Complete your book’s manuscript within 30 days.
  • Develop your individual writing plan: word count, size of book, structure.
  • Create a solid writing practice. Learn tools for energy management.
  • Intimately understand your own personal resistance style and how to conquer it.
  • Learn the art of storytelling and how to craft a book, from outline to finish line.
  • Develop your voice, learn how to write dialog, setting and details.
  • Create deep bonds within other thriving writers!
  • Learn story structure, flow and effective dialog for any genre.
  • Understand 21st Century Publishing Opportunities(ebooks, self publishing and traditional publishing).

In a nutshell, this is the incredible Create Your Dream Book 2020 offers:

  • 30 Daily emails that give you step by step instructions, information, motivation and inspiration.
  • 8 Tutorial Videos to help you understand how to get your book on Amazon.
  • Weekly Q & A on Facebook Group to answer your questions.
  • Lifelong access to all content + all content is downloadable
  • Becoming fully empowered as a writer and author


  • Expert graduate school level instruction and guidance from Dawn who holds both a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in creative writing and a certificate in Transformational Life Coaching
  • Learn the craft of storytelling and how to create a compelling short book readers won't be able to put down
  • Be held accountable to finish what you start
  • A consistent, proven system to start and finish your book
  • The necessary, constant guidance and accountability you need
  • Greater confidence in your ability to transform your life and your writing


  • Exclusive Facebook group for regular discussions, sharing, support and interactivity
  • Proprietary book writing tools to help you structure and finish your book. 
  • Free digital copy of my ebook ‘Write Your True Story’ – A valuable resource for writers of memoir, non-fiction and creative non-fiction revealing the power of the hero’s journey in any story. 
  • Lifetime access to a vault of expert interviews on the craft of writing and breaking through creative resistance

Write Now. It's Never Too Late To Create!

You Will Learn…

  • How to break through resistance.
  • Learn how to create your own customized writing plan.
  • Sharpen your writing skills, and learn the craft of storytelling.
  • Learn how to maximize your time and energy so you don't feel pressure and can easily balance your life with your writing.
  • Learn how to stay on course, and get your writing mojo flowing.
  • Structure your book in a way that makes writing it easy.
  • Feel the freedom of being in the flow and unleash your creativity.
  • Learn all the ways you can publish your book from self publishing to traditional publishing.

The BONUS group experience really helps you feel supportive in a gentle and friendly way. 

We’ll get to know each other, form connections, and have fun. As each of us contributes to the group experience, everyone will grow more knowledgeable, more confident, more capable of moving forward with the projects we undertake.

There will be BONUS Facebook Live's to answer your questions weekly!

Feel Great About Your Writing!

One of the key things I've learned is that we are NOT supposed to write alone.

It's a myth that writers are supposed to do it by themselves. In reality it's the support of a loving community or small group that makes a big difference in any writer's life.  Your fellow authors will keep you in the creative flow and on schedule. By joining the Facebook Group you'll have a writing community that is one of a kind! And if you're not on Facebook, that's okay, you will have instructions on how to find an accountably buddy on your own.

 Transformational Writing Coach

You've always got me in your corner to help you.

Any time resistance rears it's ugly head I'm here to help you conquer it!

I’m available if you have questions, are feeling challenged or need support to keep you on track. My goal is to help you feel great while you see your vision come true!


From Outline to Finish Line and Beyond!

My proven system takes you from scratch to completed manuscript in 10 months. The curriculum unfolds over three modules as briefly described below:

Week 1-  Clarity and Focus

  • Book vision creation and refinement
  • The role of loving accountability
  • Mind mapping
  • Easy outlining methods
  • Commitment and plan of action 
  • Identifying Resistance Style
  • Energy management versus time management

Week 2- Unleashing The Writer Within 

  • Creating Tension and Flow
  • Imagination Versus Memory 
  • The Hero's Journey in all genres
  • The Screenplay Method in book writing

Week 3  – Learning Story Crafting 

  • Show versus Tell and vice versa
  • Dialog techniques in fiction, memoir, non-fiction and poetry
  • Transparency, authenticity and risk
  • The power of details
  • Epiphany and Climax

Week 4  – Gettin it out into the world

  • Finding an editor and getting your book proofed
  • Using Dictation and Audio to Text Tools
  • How to format your book for Kindle
  • How to create a powerful author page on Amazon
  • Creating your own launch team
  • How to market your book


Jenna Roberts
Author, Tarot Reader, Entrepreneur

I joined Dawn's Book Program because I wanted more than just a writing group. She showed me how my book didn't have to be long to be powerful! I needed to write my book and it was haunting me, but I never found the time and I realized I was not going to do this on my own. Dawn’s program turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Whenever resistance came in, I was able to keep writing! Dawn is an incredible source of support through both pep talks and honest truths. She is a resource of knowledge in the field, and teaches craft of storytelling, dialogue and memoir. I am so grateful that this course has given me the courage to become the writer I always wanted to be. I love the camaraderie of the group and learning all writers struggle with the same challenges. It has changed my life! I highly recommend her incredible course if you are ready to finally write your own book.

Shirl Crimmins Smith

Dawn makes dreams come true! Dawn is a talented and passionate writing coach and a master at her craft and the best possible choice in my opinion to make my dream come true. She teaches with a great knowledge of expertise and uplifts you as she makes you reach and grow. It was during a webinar that I watched Dawn being interviewed and her passion, desire, and drive to reach those who wanted to write their story touched my heart. She was genuine in her belief that we all have a story. For anyone who, like me, was not encouraged to follow his or her dream of being an author, you need to join Dawn's program. It was the most rewarding of my instincts to act upon and my story came alive under her guidance and I finished my book!


Liz Ann Phelps,
Entrepreneur, Author

All I wanted to do is right my damned book and I couldn't get it out. I hired Dawn One-on-One and the most magical thing happened I finished three books and it was my short book that became an amazon best seller! She encouraged me to stop thinking about long form and to embrace short form! I'm now a best selling writer.

Not only is Dawn a dream on the technical side, but her experience and wisdom regarding resistance to the creative process was vital for battling my own inner demons.  Since beginning my work with her, I have cultivated new and wonderful habits of writing.

I'd recommend Dawn's coaching and courses to anyone looking to overcome their blocks, write short books and live into their dreams.

Debbie Rosas
CEO, Founder, The Nia Technique

Dawn personally helped me push through many writing and creative blocks. Without Dawn my current book projects would not be in the final stages, nor at the level of excellence that has become a result of her coaching and writing skills. I give Dawn my highest recommendation.

Anja DeGeorgi
CEO, Life Coach, Author

I could not have finished my book without Dawn’s guidance as a writing and book coach. My fear of “not good enough” would have held me hostage forever. After working with Dawn for a few months I thought, “Wow, I think I am actually going to finish a book this summer. How amazing and sexy is that!!” And I did it! Dawn is not only one of the best life coaches I’ve worked with she also really knows how to tell a good story and helped me make my book compelling. Dawn will help you past resistance and into your creative genius!

Ana Sumner
Artist, Author

I am grateful to have found Dawn as a coach, especially since this is my first experience working with a writing coach. She is knowledgeable in her field, and uses that knowledge to help me explore my own creative talents. In writing my book, she has encouraged me along the way to dig deeper into my story, and express it with skill and profoundness. She also has helped me take my poetry writings to a whole new level. When I work with Dawn, I look forward to her insight and support. Her coaching is truly a gift, and what I have learned will continue to help me in futures writing for years to come! I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Make this the year you write one short book and bring it into the world!

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